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Orthodontic braces are used to correct misaligned teeth and jaw problems. If you have straight teeth and a proper bite, you may not need braces. However, if you have problems with the alignment of your teeth or bite, braces can help to correct these issues and improve the appearance and function of your teeth. It is best to consult with an orthodontist, a dentist who specializes in the treatment of misaligned teeth and jaws, to determine whether you need braces. They will be able to assess your specific needs and recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

 What is a Orthodontists Dentist Cebu ? 
Orthodontists are dentists with a specialized training in tooth movement and the guidance of facial development. To maximize your smile and improve your dental health.

2 Types of Braces

Two major types of braces: fixed and removable. If you are a candidate for braces, your Orthodontist will advise you which is best  best suited for your needs.

The most known orthodontic treatment is braces: an orthodontic appliance used to straighten teeth and correct bad bites. Braces can be prescribed for teens, adults, and children who have permanent teeth. They are used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances prescribed to widen the palate. The average treatment time for braces is just over two years, but treatment time varies by the individual patient.

Fixed Braces 
Fixed braces are worn 24/7. Only professional dental  Orthodontist can remove fixed braces.

5 types of fixed braces are available.

Removable braces (sometimes called aligners) are prescribed when teeth only need to be moved horizontally and the patient is highly motivated to follow a strict regimen. The Removable braces are worn 24/7 except for time eating and drinking, or brushing and flossing. This required dedication for the patients must be diligent about replacing their removable braces many times each day

The Traditional braces this  most commonly needed orthodontic.

The Conventional braces this type that most people think require elastic or metal ties to hold the archwire.

The Self-ligating braces this  type our Orthodontists recommend most often do not require elastic or metal ties. Self-ligating braces create proper tooth alignment faster, more comfortably, and with fewer adjustments than conventional braces.

The Ceramic braces are less noticeable than traditional braces because they tend to blend with the wearer's natural tooth color. They are similar to conventional braces.

When ? 

Your children has a early or late loss of baby teeth
Has a habits  finger sucking habits.

You or your child has a difficulty in chewing or biting.

Crowding, misplaced, protruding
Jaws that shift, make sounds, protrude or retrude

Has a problem in speech difficulty problems that are resulting from biting into a cheek.
Teeth that meet in an abnormal way 
A facial imbalance 

Habit  of grinding the teeth.

The orthodontic appliance is prescribed based on a patient's age and his or her teeth and jaw alignment needs. The Cebu Orthodontist can prescribe the appliance and restorative technique that is right for you.

Teeth Assestment
Will review your dental x-rays and performing a thorough exam of your teeth, gums, supporting bone structure, and any pre-existing dental work, your Orthodontist will recommend a treatment plan.

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What a difference a beautiful and healthy smile can make.