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For your peace of mind, be sure to only use a credentialed implant dentist here in ZUGBU AESTHETIC DENTAL CLINIC we have years of experiences of success for your dental implants.

Cebu Dental implants are made of selected materials called titanium. Why using titanium ? It is accepted by the body and serves as a strong replacement for the teeth.


Cebu Dental implants are the advanced medical technology for the treatment of tooth loss. A titanium implant is implanted in the toothless area of the jawbone. The jawbone then fuses with the titanium surface providing a strong anchorage for the implant.




This process is called osseointegration gives teeth replaced using implants the stability and strength to support replacement teeth, withstand for  daily use, and function similar as regular teeth.

It takes 3 months after placing the dental implant, adequate bone will have grown onto the surface of the implant so it is strong enough to withstand normal function. The implants can be placed so that they function totally independent of the remaining teeth.  With a dental implant, it can be placed without damaging the surrounding sound teeth.

Most cases why people will lose a tooth due to an accident , some are histoy medical issue reasons. The traditional bridgework is used to replace a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth would need to be reshaped. This shaping process can expose these surrounding teeth to nerve damage. Dental implants is one of the best solutions without damaging your teeth.

In some cases, the implant can have a ‘tooth’ placed immediately.


About the Medical Treatment

There is always a surgical phase and a restorative phase. The time span between these stages may depending on each individual case. The healing period is about three months if necessary.


3 Dental  Stages are the following:

Surgical phase

Restorative phase

Surgical Phase



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5 Star reviews - results from our professional services here in Cebu Dental Implants

Hi Dr Seno, I would like to give you 5 stars after searching all over Bohol
and visiting dentists at a cost of 500 per visit, but no one could offer me a
solution I knew from my uk dentist is possible. I contacted you, made an
appointment but even before that you offered a solution which was that of
my uk dentist. When I travelled fro. Bohol to Cebu for my appointment I was a
little concerned after my many visits elsewhere but was I wrong. You not only
solved my problem, you did the job at a great price and showed how highly

Tooth extracted on the 5th with bone graft.

Hi everyone. I just got my tooth extracted on the 5th(almost 10 days ago) with bone graft.  My gums are still swollen. I saw the dentist a week from my surgery and he told me to brush the area well and come back in a week. Is it normal for it to swell this much… doesn’t seem like it’s getting better. Also the roof of my mouth seems swollen as well. Thanks for any advice!

Comment#1: Maybe wormwood tea and chamomile would help, at lest this is what my doctor told me to do after the implant surgery. Rinse with this, mostly to try prevent any infection.