5 Star reviews - results from our professional services here in Cebu Dental Implants

Hi Dr Seno, I would like to give you 5 stars after searching all over Bohol
and visiting dentists at a cost of 500 per visit, but no one could offer me a
solution I knew from my uk dentist is possible. I contacted you, made an
appointment but even before that you offered a solution which was that of
my uk dentist. When I travelled fro. Bohol to Cebu for my appointment I was a
little concerned after my many visits elsewhere but was I wrong. You not only
solved my problem, you did the job at a great price and showed how highly
skilled you are at giving your customers fantastic service. You are now my
one and only dentist in the Philippines. I could not think of anyone else
that offers such good service even when running late each patient, why cause
you care about your parents and stay till they are satisfied and boy was I.
Thank you so much, anyone who needs any form of dentistry should only
consider Dr Seno as he is by far one if the best you will find, worth the
travel no matter how far. Don't take chan especially with others, take it
from me you won't go wrong with Dr Seno...thanks so much and will be seeing
you again soon for check up and cleaning along with.my wife who was also very
impressed with your service and she waited almost 2 hours. Thanks

-Reviews by: Alan Verallo