Dental filling in Cebu City

Ako teeth dunay hole sa kili sakit naman unsay advise ani sa dentist ?  

Dental Fillings:  What are the Procedure & Costs

Are you concerned that you may have holes in your teeth? Do you feel the pain when brushing certain teeth  or let say when you when consume hot or cold water? You may have tooth decay that needs a dental filling. So what is Dental fillings it help you restore your teeth and relieve the cavities.


Ako Having been used for centuries as a solution for replacing tooth structure lost to decay, dental fillings are one of the most commonly performed dental treatments across the world.

What are the help of having a Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings help to restore cavities and shape. These fillings plug the holes in our teeth caused by decay and wear, ensuring teeth are better and healthier.


Below are the 4 Things to Remember about dental filling:

- Dental fillings are used to restore your damaged teeth

-There are several filling materials available depending on your needs and budget plan.

-The tooth filling procedure is fast.

-Remember to always practising good oral hygiene basic example is  brushing twice a day this can help prevent the need for fillings.


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