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I need 4 implants and i will go soon to the philippines. can you teall me what i am have to expected on this treatment.
how is the price for one implant ?  how much is the price for one crown ? 
i know its not easy to say about the distance and without x-ray picture.
but just to know what i have to expected.
and how long need the treatment?


Thank you for your mail. 
may i know which part of ur teeth needs implants.... front.... back.. 
usually we do package in which it includes the porcelain crown... 70K pesos... 
best if u can send a panoramic xray in ur mail.. so dat we can assess ur case n size of implants... 
we can do d 4.implants in a half day... den we allow healing of  ur implants 9-12 months so dat der will be NO failure..2nd stage placement of abutment n crown needs 2weeks... ..if u want anader type of crown Zirconia u just add 25k per crown.  hope to be of service to u soon.... tnx


If ever sa dental implant, meron po ma installment payment?


YES. Meron po,  usually package for 1 implant is 60k.. 
You will just pay us half or 50% (30k)  or down 25k pay the balance  of 5 k for 2months... then the remaining 30k will be 1 year after the  heal of your implant and 2nd stage follows. L

Please let us know when you can visit for assessment and consultation. This week or next week. Looking forward to serve you . 

Ang ngipin ko po sa upper side bumababa kaya hirap ako makapag salita sagabal po kac meron din po ako missing teeth. 

Answer:  Ito po ay dahil wala yata kayong pustiso o ipin nah bumabangga sa upper ninyo at dahil dito ang mga bumababa nyong ngipin ay uuga later on dahil kusa silang babah... lalapat sa lower ninyo walang ngipin at ngingilo at sasakit.. mabubunot katagalan. 
ang pag dental implant po ay ang pina mabisang solution para maagapan natin na hindi mag bone resorption ang mga missing area..

I did want to know if doctor after surgery can give pain medicine. Here after surgery patients get pain relief medicines ?  

Answer:  Its a standard operating procedure that we gave pain relievers and  even an antibiotics to patients but we have to know your history if you are not allergy to any or any maintenance. 

Pila inyu dental crown? 

Answer:  There are different kinds of crowns... porcelain fused to metal.... cerconia... theridium type.. plastic crowns... single crown... bridge type...

How is our tooth evolved? 
Our natural tooth is made up of a root underlying  our jaw bone and the external visible  part is our crown... Dental implant replaces the root of a missing tooth and success rate is over 95% of the implant process... 


What are the benefits? 

Cebu Dental implants are convenient and close replacement to a natural tooth. 
Functionality... it restores normal chewing like a natural tooth and make possible to smile, laugh and speak with confidence.

Rehabilitation options:

If you have one implant with crown is very ideal... 
If you have several teeth missing.. 

Using dental implants and crowns will eliminate the need of a denture... 

If you have NO teeth... 
Implants with crowns will provide you a permanent solutions. 

How it is  perform,, by a two phase : 
surgical phase:::and acrehab phase


This are common ask question in Cebu Dental Implants if you have more questions please send an email or call us. Also you can schedule of appointmentin our online webform.