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9 various types of dental services here in Cebu City

There are 9 various types of dental services here in Cebu City offered by dental professionals to promote and best maintain good oral health. Some of the 9 common dental services are:

1.) Routine Dental Checkups: It is recommended to have routine dental checkups every six months to help maintain good oral health. Every 4 to 6 month visit our clinic. 

2.) Dental Cleaning: Dental professionals remove plaque and tartar buildup during routine dental cleaning, which can help prevent gum disease and tooth decay. 

4 reasons why Dental implants are important for a number of reasons

  1. Replace missing teeth: If you have lost one or more teeth, dental implants can provide a permanent replacement option. Implants look and function like natural teeth and can help to improve your ability to eat and speak.

  2. Preserve jawbone health: When you lose a tooth, the bone in your jaw begins to resorb, or shrink. This can lead to a change in your facial structure and can make it difficult to place traditional dentures. Dental implants can help to preserve the jawbone and prevent these changes.

5 Star reviews - results from our professional services here in Cebu Dental Implants

Hi Dr Seno, I would like to give you 5 stars after searching all over Bohol
and visiting dentists at a cost of 500 per visit, but no one could offer me a
solution I knew from my uk dentist is possible. I contacted you, made an
appointment but even before that you offered a solution which was that of
my uk dentist. When I travelled fro. Bohol to Cebu for my appointment I was a
little concerned after my many visits elsewhere but was I wrong. You not only
solved my problem, you did the job at a great price and showed how highly

Tooth extracted on the 5th with bone graft.

Hi everyone. I just got my tooth extracted on the 5th(almost 10 days ago) with bone graft.  My gums are still swollen. I saw the dentist a week from my surgery and he told me to brush the area well and come back in a week. Is it normal for it to swell this much… doesn’t seem like it’s getting better. Also the roof of my mouth seems swollen as well. Thanks for any advice!

Comment#1: Maybe wormwood tea and chamomile would help, at lest this is what my doctor told me to do after the implant surgery. Rinse with this, mostly to try prevent any infection.

Dental implant forums #1 - global community

I'm going to have All on 4 in December. I have the cost of the implants and the acrylic denture; however, when I ask my dentist (not the surgeon placing the implants) about the cost difference between the acrylic and the zirconia, he just says they're expensive. I really want to know the cost. Has anyone in the US priced both and willing to give me a general idea of the cost difference?

response1: I am paying $18,000 for lower arch. Does not include the surgeons cost

Why pinoy have dental problem dark cavities ?

Most filipino don’t visit to dental clinic annually due to family history parents only visit sometimes. Put due to digital information age more are reading and visiting the clinic now a days. 

So what is a  cavity, also called tooth decay, is a black hole that in your tooth. Cavities start small then extends it’s place due to neglection to visit in the dentist. Day by day and gradually it becomes bigger when they’re left untreated. Because many cavities don’t cause pain in the beginning so pinoy just neglect causing damages to the teeth when the painful time comes.

What happens if cebuano or filipino don't change toothbrush every 2 months?

The your tooth brush becomes brittle and become worn-out. Specially you brush your teeth every 2 days.. Worn-out bristles tend to be more abrasive on your gums, which can lead to bleeding and premature gum recession cause inflammation in your gums. Ask your nearest dental clinic to give you advise what kind of toothbrush is best for your. Call us today or send appointment online. Fast and easy.


3 simple things to remember for teeth whitening.

1.)  Start to visit your dentist
When considering undergoing teeth whitening, it is crucial that you must visit a qualified and trusted registered dentist. Whitening toothpastes are basically for stain removal and use either enzymes or mechanical particles to remove stains.

2.) Don’t forget your fillings
Any pre-existing tooth coloured restorations, such as fillings, will likely no longer match the surrounding tooth and will need some replacing

3.) Don’t  regular visits to the dentist with oil pulling

Cebu teeth whitening

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Question:  Is it safe for your teeth?

Yes. teeth whitening is safe for your teeth for many reasons.