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Dental implants swelling cause

Some of the patients can expect swelling to last for about 7 days after dental implant surgery. Common case of inflammation usually peaks around 48 hours after treatment. Within the 5 to 7 days the swelling should be gone.  

The advise for the patients who go implant surgery please do not smoke for at least 24 hours. The reason is smoking can addon more  infection and delay your wound healing. Smoking will also rapidly increase more bleeding. Smoking may damage the healing process of your dental implants.

Dental Clinic in Cebu to customized your crown teeth

What is best crown teeth materials ? The answer is the Gold crowns is the great materials for back teeth because it can put a thin layer and very strong. Gold crowns also have less sensitivity than metal materials. There is other options called the  porcelain fused to gold crowns for long durability purposes.

1. Gold

2. Porcelain

3. Zirconia and a ZMAX Smile

4. Emax


How much are your services for jacket and extraction in Cebu City

This are the price range of the Jacket crown pfm 10-12k/tooth , Cerconia 25-28k , normal extraction P800 . The best way is to visit in our clinic for the full assessment of your teeth case. You can also choose the kind of materials you want to use of the special offer we have in your clinic.


8 Common Dental Services Cebu 


What is Cosmetic dentistry services ?

Cosmetic dentistry services are increasing in popularity this is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening or “teeth bleaching” which is sought by people looking to brighten their smile and reduce the appearance of stains or discoloration. This are commonly for actor and actress who wants to make sure they have white teeth during the production. 

What is Endodontic procedures ?

Cebu teeth whitening

YOUR TRUSTED PROFESSIONAL CEBU TEETH WHITENING . Your beautiful smile starts here . Improve your smile today – call to get appointment schedule! CLAIM NOW !!! We are Professional Cebu Teeth whitening . Get started here in our excellent services to fresh whitining your teeth today! 

Question:  Is it safe for your teeth?

Yes. teeth whitening is safe for your teeth for many reasons.

Teeth General Check-up in Cebu City

We need to know the case of your teeth. Please visit in our clinic so we can give assessment and consultation the case of your teeth. Price will varies depending on the case of your teeth. The best way to know the price is to visit in our clinic. Our general assessment to know the case of your teeth is 500 peso here in Zugbu Dental Clinic. You can easy get appointment thru our online booking system. 

Gum Grafting in Cebu City

We specialized in your any of yoru gum probelm you are feeling in your teeth. Why gum grafting is important for your teeth it  protect your teeth from the damaging effects of gum recession and  improve the appearance of your smile. When you feel that your gum is constantly bleeding it us the cause of the gum problem. We are located in Gorordo Cebu City if you want to know the situation of your gum problem. Why do you need a gum graft ? It enable to correct the effects of gum recession.

Unsay different sa dental implant og mini implant ?

What is the different of using dental implant and a mini implant?
A dental implant is when we use a medical grade post that is inserted into your bone. Mini-dental implants are best used to help anchor a denture if a patient is having difficulty keeping the denture. If a patient is looking to replace a single lost tooth, a traditional dental implant is the best choice. Ang traditional dagko implant nga mas ok kaysa mini.

Dental implant cost cebu city

PHP 500 . Assessment and consultation. Kindly visit in our clinic this week or next week. GET ONLINE APPOINTMENT TODAY! We need to know the bone morrow first of your teeth and examine.  Per tooth is 70K but we have mode of payment during the process. PHP 35,000 downpayment then remaining 50% will be paid 4 month to 6 month until  the process is finally complete. Sometimes will go 12 month procedure depending the situation of your teeth. Call us today!