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I'm going to have All on 4 in December. I have the cost of the implants and the acrylic denture; however, when I ask my dentist (not the surgeon placing the implants) about the cost difference between the acrylic and the zirconia, he just says they're expensive. I really want to know the cost. Has anyone in the US priced both and willing to give me a general idea of the cost difference?

response1: I am paying $18,000 for lower arch. Does not include the surgeons cost

response2: For me it was am extra 4k per arch. In the long run, it will save you money since you won't break them or have to replace them as often

response3: My quote 62 k in Arizona Upper and bottom zirconia with full mouth extractions and sedation.

response4: crazy prices its possible to get it done for 13-18 k hope all went well if u already had it done.

response5:I guess I should add my final all inclusive price for top and bottom with zirconia was 40k. That includes iv sedation. I'm in my Temps now