Cebu teeth whitening

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Question:  Is it safe for your teeth?

Yes. teeth whitening is safe for your teeth for many reasons.

Here in Cebu Dental Teeth Whitening we create personalised teeth moulds that fit perfectly for your teeth and your teeth only this stops the chance of any of the solution leaking onto gum areas and into places we don’t wish for it to go.

Our excellent dentists will determine in your initial examination what results you are wanting to achieve and examine your teeth back ground such as your sensitive teeth.

You will also be given instructions and correct guidance from our dentists upon the examination explaining to you the healthy time frame to under go your whitening process. As well as when to stop and have a break and the products to use during the procedure which we supply you with sensitive toothpaste and tooth mousse.

Why do teeth stain?

The most common of stain coffee, tea, dark sodas, red wine, tobacco, poor dental hygiene, antibiotics and certain types of medication and even dark coloured fruits and vegetables. 

Other reasons are Trauma, disease, certain medical procedures and age-related reasons such as aging can cause different forms of staining.

Do we have packages?

Yes, we have. We offer one of two options, one being an instant 90 minute in chair option and the other being a gradual take home whitening kit.

•    Intra oral photos x2

•    X-rays if necessary, each side

•    Impressions for personalised whitening trays

•    Pola night whitening gel syringes x10

•    Desensitising toothpaste

•    Full check up

•    Full professional clean

•    Fluoride application

•    X-rays if necessary, each side

•    Intra oral photos x2

•    Impressions for your own personalised whitening touch up trays

•    Pola night 3g whitening gel solution to use in your personalised trays

•    Desensitising toothpaste

•    Desensitising gel application

•    Whitening pen

•    Plush Pola bear toy

•    Pola office + whitening gel solution applied to teeth and set with blue led light a total of 4 times in 8-minute intervals


Call us now on 231-4618 to discuss the package that best suits you. You can also send in the chat messenger.