Teeth General Check-up in Cebu City

We need to know the case of your teeth. Please visit in our clinic so we can give assessment and consultation the case of your teeth. Price will varies depending on the case of your teeth. The best way to know the price is to visit in our clinic. Due to high price of inflation and increase materials. Our general assessment to know the case of your teeth is now 900 peso & our Teeth Pasta is 900 peso here in Zugbu Dental Clinic. You can easy get appointment thru our online booking system. We continue to serve you better . . . 



Take Action ! Get your treatment here in our clinic.  


5 advantages of teeth general check-up in Cebu City

1.) Your dental hygienist can remove most of the stains that dull and discolor your teeth you get best whiter smile with confidences.
2.) The dentist can help you teeth cleaned can prevent gum disease. 
3.) A strong link exists between cardiovascular disease and gum disease. Because getting your teeth cleaned twice a year helps prevent gum disease, it can also reduce your chances of potentially deadly heart attacks and strokes.
4.) Zugbu Dental Clinic are professional trained to detect early signs of problems such as broken fillings and fractures.
5.) You save money on dental expenses in the long run rather spending more money in intensive treatment.

Zugbu Dental can help you finds any serious problems during a teeth cleaning or exam, the office can help you make financial arrangements to cover the necessary procedures.